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I wrote this book a few years ago and wanted to share my story. Many women have hair problems at some point. During this time I was thinking about starting my own business and my first marriage was ending. All of this stress had to take a toll. And fortunately, it was just my hair. I know you’re thinking my hair is my glory. I agree it is but you don’t have to suffer from hair loss. There is so much help.

Damaged Hair

My hair was falling out and I didn’t know. I was at a company picnic and a coworker noticed and said. “You are shedding” and dusted my hair off my shoulder. I looked at my back and thought What? There was a lot and I mean a lot of broken hair on my shoulder, back everywhere. Then I started looking for help with my broken hair. I asked hairdressers, hair store owners you name it. I then found a website LHCF(Long Hair Care Forum). And things started to get better.

Hair Relaxer

During this time I was still using a relaxer. I had been relaxed for 30 years. I had no idea how to care for my hair in its natural state. This book is how about how I got my relaxed hair to grow strong and long. I will share my natural journey in another book coming soon. I will let you know when.

Healthy Hair

Once I got a regimen I was able to grow my hair really long. Longer than it had ever been. I will share with you the products I used. These are easy to find and you can start with these. If they aren’t what your hair needs, change them. The steps I took helped more than the actual product. I am a “product junkie”, lol! If I’m using a product and my hair doesn’t respond well I will change immediately and go to something else.

Hair Products


Fix My Broken Hair Ebook

Get your copy and let me know if it helps. Leave your comments below.  

Fix My Broken Hair Ebook