Want to save $100 on Printer Ink? Try This.

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Hi, my name is Regina and I am sharing what I do for a living in this blog. I am a computer repair technician.  In this post, I will share with why you want to save 100 on printer ink using cheap ink and or cheap toner. In your canon and Epson printers.

I was in need of new clients. It’s funny, you never hear a business( small or large) say, ” I have too many clients”.  So, like most small businesses we are always looking for new clients. Well, I decided to do a mail-out and figured out how to save $100 while doing it.

I want to tell you a story— a true story about the last time I sent out flyers with the US Postal Service.  I sent out flyers a few years before this time. And I remember paying a lot of money for the postcards. The postcards were nice with a slick finish.   The last time I did a mail out, (like this) I purchased pre-printed cards which looked good… But I didn’t get enough new clients to pay for the entire mail out so… I abandoned the idea. Why did I decide to do another mail out?  Glad you asked

We were out on a computer repair call, I and my hubby and saw a gas truck. Not really an unusual sight, but I saw 4 more in the same town. Now… I’m curious, is there some type of huge sale on gas I’m missing out on?  I thought maybe the “Law of Attraction” was in overdrive. That’s another story. — When we got home… there was a gas card in our mailbox from this same company. And (yes) they were running a sale in July. The next day I took the card to the post office and asked the postmaster about the mail out. She said,  “yes this was a bulk mail out for the gas company. I’m about to fill my tank right now.”

This made me want to try another mail out.  I thought if it works this well for the gas company maybe I should give it another try.   But I did not want to spend the huge amount of money like I spent the last time.  I realized I could produce the cards myself, not quite as nice but there were good looking postcards…

Not thinking I was going to need that much ink for the postcard mail out.  I went and purchased the paper. I ordered some ink (not enough) and I started printing out my cards.   I went ahead and printed out about 500 of the 1000 cards. And…I ran out of ink.  On a Sunday of all days.  And my deadline was coming fast. So the only place I could think of that would have this ink was Walmart. Which is a good hour round trip from my home.  I ran…well drove Walmart to get more inkjet ink.

When I got there I started looking for the ink for my printer and noticed how expensive ink had become.  I thought wow!!! That’s high!  I’ve been buying my ink online a long time. At a really good price.   I’ve been enjoying these low prices for about 6 or 7 years.  I  even sold ink to some of my clients, but it was too much for me to keep up with. The different ink and the brands of printers…it was just a lot of extra work. So, I decided to stop doing the ink reselling.

Back to my story,

To my horrible surprise, it was twice as expensive as my comp and save ink toner.  I went ahead and purchased more ink and started back printing.    Especially, the amount of ink I needed to finish. My logo is mostly red, and I just kept running out of the red. My logo is a computer screen with a red face screen on it.  I wanted to have some other colors to make my postcard pop! And, I started to do some math. Had to kick off my shoes and use my toes and fingers. Ha! And figured that I spent an extra hundred dollars on ink just for this printout.

The ink I bought from Walmart cost more and it didn’t last half as long. The printer ink I normally purchase is the xl which means it will print approximately 10,000 or more copies, of normal printing. I admit had some pictures on the cards and they did use extra ink. But the cartridges I got from Walmart didn’t last 4hrs. My comp and save printer cartridges would last 8hrs and up.

Here’s how you can save more than $100 dollars on ink

If I had ordered (6) packs ink for my of Epson XP 410 for $21.96 = $131.96,

This ink purchased from Walmart, at the time, was  $44.99 for (6) packs which were $264.94.

Which was a savings $132.98.

Not counting the gas I had to buy to go to the store to buy the ink.



I started using comp and save about 7  years ago and really liked their printing ink. The shipping is a great price. And fast! I will admit they are cheap printer cartridges, but they are compatible ink cartridges. This is the best ink for printers I have used so far. Some people worry about their printers when using cheap toner but these discount ink cartridges work great! I have an Epson inkjet printer. And haven’t had any problems with my printing ink. The colors are vivid and look really crisp and clear on paper.  This year I purchased a Canon image class D530 and I buy all of my toners from comp and save.  For about half the price at other stores.

One of my clients told me he knew a lady that would just buy a new printer when she ran out of ink.  She said the new printer was cheaper than the ink. What do you think someone said, “printer ink cost more than gas?” Where do you buy your printer ink?  Let me know in the comments below.

Where do you buy your printer ink?  Let me know in the comments below.

Bonus:  If you would like to create some really cool videos, here is a link to try it out.